CoGrowth: The Collaborative MSME Community

Get the dream growth for your business with guidance and support of a community of likeminded peers

Power of the Big Guns is now with the Minnows

It's a lonely journey for the small business owners and founders to succeed and sustain in the long run. 

Pressure of increasing competition, complexities, and changes in technology makes the going even tougher.  

The support of a community of like-minded business owners and experts can be very comforting, lift morale, and enhance success.

The collective experiences and knowledge of the community works as a ready reckoner for members to solve their problems and transform their business.

Join CoGrowth to get the community support to transform and grow

Cogrowth Services Pvt. Ltd. or CoGrowth is an initiative to bring together MSMEs and Startups to participate in online sessions, meetups, workshops, and seminars so that they can learn practical tips and strategies, connect and share unique entrepreneurial journeys, and build meaningful relationships that provide ongoing support and motivation to develop and optimize operations.  


If you're an MSME Owner or Entrepreneur and want to work smarter and more efficiently by learning from peers in different industries, then you're in the right place! CoGrowth will help you in your next big move by sharing the right experiences, stories, and ideas to achieve your dreams


Coaching is a valuable help for small business owners to solve their challenges and grow 

The Results You'll Get

Our community and membership plans are pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will start making a significant contribution to your business.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of CoGrowth:

  • Learn practical tips and strategies to optimize your business operations.
  • Connect and share unique entrepreneurial journeys with fellow MSMEs and Startups.
  • Build meaningful relationships for ongoing support and motivation in your entrepreneurial journey.

When You Join CoGrowth

Networking with Members

Create your member profile on the platform. Explore the profiles of other members. Use the platform's features to identify potential collaborators or partners and reach out. Chat with them, post questions or experiences, participate in discussion threads, join events, and more.   

Weekly LINC Meets  

Learn, Ideate, Network, and Collaborate to increase business

You can attend weekly live sessions with speakers and other members to build connections with members, explore ideas, share experiences, create opportunities, learn, and improve results. These sessions provide valuable insights and tools that can help you optimize and grow your business.

LINC Meets focus on a) How to Increase Sales for members, and b) the learning and development of members

Get Your Profile Story

Elevate your marketing strategy with our tailored premium profile story service. Highlight your successes, challenges, and goals as a business owner. Attract new customers, partners, and investors with the ultimate storytelling experience.

Gain even more from the profile interview with an expert business growth consultant and coach. Utilize the feedback and insights you gather during the interview to optimize your strategy and stand apart from your competition. Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Experts Directory

Premium service to showcase your expert profile to members in need. You get a dedicated page to share unlimited content with the members and visitors on the platform. 

Coaching, Training and Follow up Support

Premium option for you to offer, run, and manage best-in-class coaching, training, and support online. You can deliver pre-recorded or live sessions, share course materials, facilitate discussions, offer follow-up guidance and instructions, and to top it all you can have the community of participants in one place forever for all your future communication needs. 

Own your Space

Premium support to host your own space to build your own community of followers, customers, associates, or even employees! You can run promotions, events, or other activities to support your business objectives. You can link this space to your website or invite visitors to communicate better and promote your brand.  

Experience CoGrowth!