CoGrowth: The Collaborative MSME Community

Get the dream growth for your business with coaching, guidance and a community of likeminded peers

Power of the Big Guns is now with the Minnows

Access to tried and tested knowledge and services is no more the privilege of the large firms only

MSMEs can get on the big stage faster with quick, need based, proven solutions and support from an exclusive network of peers and experts who are on a similar path  


If you're an MSME Owner or Entrepreneur and want to work smarter and more efficiently by learning from peers in different industries, then you're in the right place! CoGrowth will help you in your next big move by sharing the right experiences, stories and ideas to achieve your dreams


Coaching is a valuable help for small business owners to solve their challenges and grow 

You can connect to members and share your products, business, or ideas with them in  

Weekly Growth Circle Meetings
Friday, 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

Members can choose their own Focus slots in Growth Circle Meetings to tell us about their products or services, ideas, experiences, and business opportunities. 
Discussions in Growth Circle Meetings provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, solutions, and experiences and build precious connections and collaborations.
Members can initiate new 'Open House topics' of interest for the benefit of self and the community. 

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Solve problems: ask questions to look for ideas/solutions 
Collaborate: connections for tie-ups and opportunities   
Improve working: proven know-how and services
Grow Business: showcase products and services
Inspire others: share your experiences 

Be a part of a secured interactive community to support the business endeavors of MSME Owners and Entrepreneurs. 

Create posts, blogs, courses, events, private groups, or interact, all in one place.

Experience proven ways, first-hand experiences, interesting ideas, and collaborations, with a host of other intuitive features, provide a best-in-class experience.

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